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Thursday, April 27, 2006

project: fred

Another update for the archives... this time, one of my very first beam photopoppers.

Fred is finally finished and is popping along very nicely thanks to two Sanyo AM-5711 glass solar cells with an output of 7V at 21.1mA in full sunlight. The cells add an extra weight of 9.2 grams which is pretty heavy considering some of the alternatives out there.

Still these are great and if you want to get some for your bots they're over at PagerMotors.com and are only $2.25 each and come with soldered leads. Fred's final dimensions are 7.7 X 5.8 X 3.5cm and weighs in at 30 grams (1.1 oz).

I had to increase the size of the shrink-wrap tubing that I placed over top of the FLED's to prevent the solar engine from locking up. It actually makes him look more insect-like now as well. I added the stripes on the capacitor and motors to make it a little more aesthetically pleasing and true to BEAM standards. After all, that's what the "A" stands for in BEAM :)

Fred, minus his solar cells, showing off his new motor mounts and 7mm Namiki's in place. I used a paperclip for the base, and wrapped a small bit of wire around the "arms" and over the top of the capacitor to secure it in place. It looks great and is fairly easy. Check out Ray Diaz'
motor mount tutorial and see what I mean.

Fred is another work in progress. I'm using a basic BEAM Solar photovore/photopopper design so this little guy will never have batteries- but should run forever as long as he can find sunlight. The flashing LED solar engine is the only part I've finished so far. I've built a few solar engines but this one is turning out to be the cleanest.
This is the tutorial I used from Ray Diaz although I positioned the transistors a little differently. I've also found another great tutorial in Macromedia Flash at Robomaniac's site or Google "FREEFORM FLED SE".

I am using standard parts- 33 and 3.3k resistors, 3904's and 3906's, and .22uf tantalum capacitors. The large capacitor is a 3,300uf with the plastic removed. I'll post more shots soon.

Schematic for the FLED SE courtesy of Ben Hitchcock & Ray Diaz- click for full size.

For a fully illustrated and in-depth tutorial on how to build your own Fred check out Ray's BEAM Tutorials and Stuff.


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