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Thursday, April 27, 2006

project: fredfly

Another project from 2 years ago...

Fredfly doesn't really fly, but he's one of the fastest BEAM bots I've ever built. He is very similar to Fred Jr, the only difference being the two parallel mounted solar cells. These are Panasonic 2422's, and are some of the smallest you can get, measuring 24X22mm, and pumping out 4.15 volts 7mA each. I epoxied these together with a slight V tilt to catch the light better, and then angled them a little bit forward in the final position. I had to use a little square of foam packing to wedge between the body and the cells to make it more stable. Here's a good view of the guts.

This was a really clean solder job, and the solar engine fires quickly. He's very active and only needs partial sunlight or a strong indoor light to move around. The mounts and the connections are very sturdy, and I think he's going to last a long time. If I were to let this little guy loose outside he'd hop his way out of the neighborhood he's that fast. I'll post a movie of him eventually.

He's almost exactly the same size as Fred Jr, only 5.7 X 3.4 X 2.4cm and weighs 18 grams (0.6 oz). You can get a good look at the way I mounted the support onto the motor mounts. I straightened and cut a small paperclip and then bent the ends into squares that fit into the back of each mount, then bent the mount's clips over tightly with pliers. Then I heated each mount up with a small torch and soldered away. It's an extremely sturdy method.


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