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Thursday, April 27, 2006

project: megarobotics mgr-k401 dog kit

In November 2004 I ordered this kit from E-Clec-Tech and I've been working on it ever since. It only took a few hours to put together, and another week to sort out some minor problems like the battery voltage being too high and being turned off by the safety circuit. Anyway, I've been a bit overwhelmed by some of the more challenging stuff I've had to figure out to make it stand up and walk, but I have made some progress with the help of a friend from work. The motors are not really servos, they are more like digital actuators and are called AIMotors because they have all these cool features like position and current feedback. This particular model is the second gen of the Ai series, the AI701 specially designed for robotics by Korean manufacturer MegaRobotics. The dog kit used fourteen of these AI701 modules for the dog's body and head. The more powerful AI1001 is also available. More on this when I get some free time.

You can find the kit at
Tribotix and also E-Clec-Tech for a bit less.

Notice the ATMEL ATmega128 board sitting on top. Quite a bit more advanced than what I'm used to.

I promise I will be posting more on this soon. In the meantime here are some specs for the AIMotor taken from the MegaRobotics site:

My friend Nate has written a cool servo controller app in C# for Windows and has been helping me use it to make the dog move. This is a shot of his Behavior Studio with a motion graph window on the right showing some of the stuff i'm trying to wrap my brain around. it's a lot harder than it looks. Here's a video of some progress. More to come soon.


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